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Impression Resumes


♦ Are you tired of submitting your resume and never hearing back?
Do you have any of the following challenges?

  • Out of work for over a year, or too long for your pocketbook

  • Little to no work experience

  • A varied background

  • Gaps in your employment history

  • Work experience you are not proud of

  • Don’t know how to use a computer  to create a resume

  • A background which has nothing to do with the occupation you are now pursuing

  • Just don’t know how to generate positive, accurate, and professionally polished wording

  • Have no idea if there is something wrong with your resume or not

If this is you, have no fear and don’t lose hope.
You definitely have skills to offer an employer!

♦ Did you know?

The Federal minimum wage is currently $7.25 per hour, or possibly a little higher in some states.  At this minimum wage, you will have earned $174.00 after three days of work.  If you earn $10.88 per hour, you will earn about the same, $174.08 in just 2 days of work.

But if your job search has gone on for longer than 3 days you most likely are losing time and money, money you could have earned if you had a professionally prepared resume.



♦ Your cost for a professionally prepared resume

Three to six days of work at the federal minimum wage rate is what you can expect to pay to have a resume prepared by a Certified Professional Resume Writer.   If you get a job after looking for 3 days or less with your self-prepared resume you’ve done great.


♦ You can get that interview

Having a resume which is relevant and markets you well is the most important and first step to engaging an employer for consideration.  It is a primary piece to the job search puzzle.

♦ Let Impression Resumes help you

Impression Resumes is a Certified Professional Resume Writing service with intensive career coaching experience, and which has proven success with helping job seekers to get to that next step of being interviewed.

Contact Impression Resumes today to change your job search.

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